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As the leading experts in airflow technology and the world’s only officially licensed Smart Labs provider, 3Flow offers comprehensive airflow testing, independent consulting, advanced training, and custom-designed products to make existing systems safer, smart, and more efficient.

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3Flow’s staff of industrial hygienists, engineers and ventilation specialists provide comprehensive consulting, risk assessment, solutions implementation, and systems management.

As the world’s only officially licensed Smart Labs provider, 3Flow is uniquely qualified to deliver independent, expert guidance on how your organization can optimize safety, sustainability, and costs. Our Performance Optimization programs are essential for elite facilities to provide a safe, predictable, and environmentally sound work environment.

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Advanced fume hood and comprehensive airflow testing from 3Flow is a critical step in providing the safest possible working environment. Our expertise and approach to testing ventilation performance helps identify issues and determine solutions that others may miss. 3Flow provides system and fume hood tests to verify and maintain performance on an on-going basis as part of an overall Airflow Management Program.

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We provide training for all groups responsible for designing, managing, and maintaining critical workspace facilities. As a leading partner of the International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories (I2SL), 3Flow offers comprehensive training solutions including classroom learning at our Cary, N.C. training center, standard or customized online offerings, or on-site programs at the client’s location based on individual needs.

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Our fume hood test system and software stand alone in the industry as essential tools for validating performance of complex ventilation systems and the devices that protect building occupants from exposure to harmful materials.

Modernizing and upfitting fume hoods with HoodPRO upgrade components enhances performance and operational efficiency and safety, with each hood reducing energy consumption by as much as 40%.

We reduce total energy consumption for our clients by as much as 45% and ongoing maintenance costs by 30%

Our Full Testing Menu

Fume Hood and Exposure Control Device Tests

  • Standard Performance Tests
    • U.S. ANSI/ASHRAE 110 – 2016 Standard
    • Canadian PWGSC MD15128 Standard
    • NIH Protocol 15991, 15992
    • European DIN Standard
    • Cal-OSHA Standard
  • Exposure Control Device Tests (VBEs, Glovebox, Canopy, Snorkel, etc.)
  • Filtered and Ductless Hood Tests
  • Routine Certification Tests and Monitor Calibration
Specialty Ventilation and Air Tracer Studies
  • Air Change Rates and Ventilation Effectiveness Tests
  • Enthalpy Wheel Cross Contamination Tests
  • Exhaust to Air Supply Re-Entrainment Tests
  • Indoor Air Quality, Odor Migration and Pressurization Profiles
  • Variable Air Volume (VAV) Ventilation System Operating Mode Tests
  • VAV Minimum Flow and Response/Sensitivity Tests
  • Lab Environment Flow and Pressure Tests

Test Laboratory

  • Independent “As Manufactured” Fume Hood Tests
  • Specialty “Proof of Concept” and Mockup Projects
  • Ventilation Component Tests
  • Air Filtration and Portable Air Purifier Product Testing
  • Test Protocol and Criterial Development

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