About Us

Originally called Exposure Control Technologies (ECT), 3Flow was founded in 1994. The company changed its name to 3Flow in 2018 to better reflect the three aspects of airflow we focus on: improving safety, reducing waste and facilitating success.

3Flow is the world leader in the systemic analysis, testing & implementation of optimal airflow systems for Critical WorkspacesExamples of Critical Workspaces include research labs, medical testing labs, clean rooms, and operating theaters. and mixed use facilities.

3Flow offers a combination of services, products and training for system-wide airflow management throughout an entire facility, starting with the needs of the Critical Workspace.

The 3Flow team are highly trained professionals dedicated to delivering excellent customer service. We work hard to maintain our reputation as a leading authority on airflow and ventilation.

3Flow has tested more than 10,000 Critical Airflow Systems, improved safety in world class facilities, and saved our customers millions of dollars in reduced energy usage. These customers include Los Alamos Laboratories, NC State, Stanford University, US Drug Enforcement Agency, and the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Our Team

The 3Flow team has decades of experience in airflow systems, airflow and ventilation safety, building construction and retrofits, and product design. Some of our key team members are presented below.

Thomas C. Smith

President & CEO

Acknowledged thought leader in laboratory safety, efficiency and sustainability. Former Chairman/Vice Chairman of multiple ASHRAE and ANSI safety groups.

Thomas Checksfield

Senior Vice President, Business Operations

30 years ventilation safety & energy management in labs and critical workspaces. Prior roles at Siemens, Inc. and Tek-Air.

Robert Lukens

Vice President of Services and Products

30 years of construction operations and management experience. Prior roles include President of LCC, inc, specialists in custom renovation & retrofits.

David Brummitt, CIH, CSP

Laboratory Safety Services Manager

25 years of environmental health and safety training and implementation.

Gary Goodson, PE

Energy Services Manager

18+ years ventilation systems design & implementation.

Join Us

We are always seeking talented individuals to join our team. Please use the Contact Us page to submit your resumé and contact details.

3Flow is an equal opportunity employer.

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