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The COVID-19 pandemic is providing good evidence about the importance of mechanical ventilation of indoor spaces to the safety and welfare of building occupants. As people return to work and increase socialization, they will spend more time together indoors thereby increasing the risk of exposure to aerosolized pathogens. The widening recognition that airborne spread of the SARS CoV-2 virus by asymptomatic carriers is the role of the airflow systems in protecting building occupants.

With airflow being the primary means of transporting aerosolized pathogens, the configuration and operation of the building airflow systems play a major role in determining the concentration and duration of exposure within the building. Many factors affect the potential for exposure. However, use of a systems-based, risk assessment process together with application of new tools to evaluate indoor air quality can be used to help identify areas of higher risk and identify specific safety measures that can be implemented to help reduce risk and improve occupant safety.

This webinar covers the basics of how the building ventilation systems affect accumulation, transport and removal of airborne contaminants and how airflow can be used to improve protection for building occupants.

The presenters will discuss the pertinent questions about how airflow affects the risk of infection including:

  •  How can we evaluate the risk of exposure to aerosolized pathogens when indoors?
  • What factors need to be considered to determine whether a space poses a significant risk of contributing to the spread of aerosolized pathogens?
  • How do you evaluate airflow patterns and test ventilation effectiveness within a building?
  • What can be done to optimize operation of the airflow systems to help mitigate the risk of infection?

Who Should Attend?

HVAC design engineers, facility managers, infection prevention personnel, building owners and anyone responsible for the safety and health of occupants of commercial or critical workspace buildings.

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